Company Overview
Intersect Video specializes in professional video production, production management, post production, motion graphics and multimedia localization services for corporate, business, and industrial customers. Intersect Video maintains a 6500 sq. ft. facility with a 3500 sq. ft. sound stage. Available is a  three-wall hard cove green screen cyc measuring 45' x 25' x 24', and a two-call hard cove white cyc at 32' x 16' x 16'.  

Intersect Video is a woman owned and family operated enterprise, and we work with a variety of organizational stakeholders, such as product promotions, training, public outreach, marketing, and advertising. Acting as a specialty subcontractor to various translation-only providers, we also provide multimedia post-production services to some very large national and international corporations across a variety of industries. 

We have succeeded because we recognize that video and multimedia production and post-production - particularly in the world of content localization - is uniquely challenging. It requires expertise in a variety of skills,  studio quality equipment, and perhaps most importantly, a commitment to quality and accuracy throughout the process. 

Intersect Video offers multimedia business experience you can trust, professional studio quality equipment, a state of the art facility, and a commitment to quality and accuracy throughout any production. With a commitment to teamwork, flexibility and innovation, Intersect Video is consistently able to offer an excellent product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, earning their trust and approval for repeat business and excellent referrals. 

Typical Projects Include:

  • Television commercials
  • Green screen video recording sessions
  • Trade show & other live event coverage
  • Corporate marketing communications
  • Educational & training videos
  • Web design & content creation
  • Dynamic flash based multimedia brochures
  • Corporate & industrial documentaries
  • Supplemental video recording for broadcast
  • Infomercial production

Intersect Video featured on the 2014 Source Oregon Magazine 
An film industry resource produced by the Oregon Media Production Association. 
The Oregon Media Production Association published a yearly directory of Oregon's media production and post-production services and crew. In addition to the qualified people and companies listed, Oregon is home
 to a wealth of diverse locations and great incentives. MORE>>

Importance of High Quality Product Videos
Well made demo videos are key to driving customer sales
A good product demo video not only showcases the product you are demonstrating, it also sends a message to viewers about the product's quality. Make sure that your product demonstration video features the best production values possible and well thought out content so that viewers receive a message of quality.  MORE>>

Importance of Quality Based Multimedia Localization
How customers triple their user base by getting localization right
Getting localization right leads to a huge growth in download rates. Translating is a significant part of localization, but that's not what drives downloads. It's not about the text on the button, but about the way users discover the app, decide whether to download it and most of all - how they experience it. MORE>>

Contact Us
Got questions? Comments? Would you like a tour of our facilities? We would love to hear from you.
Our door is always open. 

Phone: (971) 224-4808
Address: 25749 SW Canyon Creek Road, Suite #300, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070


Creative Director
Robert Bruce

Bob is a published author of fiction and non-fiction with over 300 credits. 
He has directed live-action feature films, short films, and fully animated short 
films including stop-motion and traditional cel animation. Prior to Intersect Video, 
Bob had 20+ years' experience in advertising and marketing communications, 
where he received multiple awards for creative concepts on national advertising accounts. Bob is our primary point of contact for creative based client work, 
and handles RFP responses and inquiries.

Valerie Bruce
Val's responsibilities include project management, as well as music editing - orchestrating, adapting the music for, or performing digitally all music for Intersect projects, live action or animated. In addition, she has conducted choirs and chamber orchestras on a number of projects, and employs a Cakewalk Sonar-based workstation with over 1200 unique instrument samples to compose and realize everything from a string quartet, a full orchestra, or a collection of instruments purely from the imagination. Prior to Intersect Video, Val provided software and technical engineering support for a large database company.

Director of Operations
Sterling Fiock
Sterling is a talented and award winning artist with a very recognizable and specific style that translates well into storyboards, illustrations and concept work for Intersect Video's informational and promotional projects. Prior to Intersect Video, Sterling managed a global team of multimedia localization engineers, as well as vendor management of multimedia production houses and voiceover studios internationally.  Sterling is our primary point of contact for multimedia localization based client work, as well as inquiries regarding the rental availability of the Intersect Video sound stage and support vehicles.

Carey Fiock
Carey is a skilled and experienced video post-production and After Effects Engineer. She has advanced expertise with Adobe CS suite of products including Premiere, Audition, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Media Encoder, and Encore, and is a key player in the video editing and creation of After Effects motion graphics informational and promotional videos for national and international clients. She and her contract multimedia team consistently meet deadlines and keeps post-production projects within budget. For studio based shoots, Carey acts as line producer on set and oversees the cinematography team.

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For weddings & special event video production, please visit Witness Tree Videos Intersect Video is a subsidiary of Road's End Films, Inc.